Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's Going On

First thing, I did screw up my back and after a trip to the doctor, I have brand new shiny pain pills and muscle relaxers. Second, I got them mixed up this morning and took the pain pill before I went to work and now I'm all woogy.

So, on to the list - what I've got on my plate right now (time sensitive stuff first)
  • Send my postcard for the PC swap.
  • Finish the embroidery and put a handle on the recycled clothing swap.
  • Pick my ATC's to be traded.
  • Finish knitting my swap dishcloth (trying Rowan Cotton Tape - it's a neat, soft texture)
  • Make my tool ATC.
  • Finish the card kit.
  • Birthday card for a RAK.
  • Make the amigurumi for my RAK.
  • Crochet Dress
  • Homespun Blanket
  • Finish the knit apron and post the pattern.
  • Crochet tea set.
  • Make second skew sock
  • $1.5 cardigan (I want this finished before winter - I need a new sweater anyway)
  • Noro gloves (before winter)
  • Jeannie Wrap (sometime in the next year would be nice)
  • Scrap Bag
  • Christmas cards for family this year
  • Potential wedding present on the horizon (still deciding what I want to make - down to two choices and I need to ask the recipient)
  • Possibly make sweater/hat sets for all the kids (maybe plan this for next christmas)
  • MORE SOCKS!!! I miss making socks and I want to use some of this time focusing on yarny goodness to make some more socks, especially for the kids and I'd like to have some new kilt hose ready for the boy for next year's games.

Well, time to take my woogy head and do some work.

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