Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This Week in ... Stuffing?

Yep, so I got very caught up in this whole amigurumi thing. It is officially a problem, as I have ideas for other things, I want to make other things (I want to KNIT again!) but every time I walk past a crochet hook or a ball of acrylic, a toy something or other happens. I have a partner on swap-bot who will be benefiting from my bouts of insanity, as well as my sister. (I won't say more until after the items have arrived at their intended homes, then there will be some pictures) Getting the kids to sleep in not-my-bed has been both awesome and dangerous. The kids are sleeping better, nights are easier to handle (we've even started in on something of an extended bedtime routine, what with pj's and toothbrushes and a story) and even nap time has become nicer. The problem has been that once I get the kids to bed, I tend to forget to go to bed myself. As I get up at 4 am to go to work, this is a problem. Needless to say, I have been wicked tired and am going to bed earlier this week. Now, on to the update, even though I haven't done much on them this week in favor of Hurricane Amigurumi.

Update on the Big Three:
  • Lacy Dress: I only did a few more rows this week, but it's approaching a wearable length. I am currently waffling over "line it or put a onesie under it?" I will post pictures and you can decide.
  • The Homespun Granny Square: a couple rows bigger, but still not impressive.
  • Knit Apron: still one strap shy of done and final fitting. There will be pictures. And a tentative pattern - I'll post them on Ravelry and link here.
OK, now go back and count the times I promised pictures. Plan on next week being highly illustrated. Have fun and see you then!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Project Updates and Other Fun Stuff

Yes, I'm well aware of the fact that several Wednesdays have passed between the last post and now. Well, we had some craziness abound and it got between me and my computer. My husband's grandfather passed away, which necessitated us driving to Ohio with three kids. Met some of the extended family (wished it would have been under better circumstances), crocheted some while on the road, and learned it is very easy, indeed, to pick up speed driving down the side of a mountain (did you know my minivan's speedometer tops out at 110?). Follow that up with our AC breaking in 95+ weather, baby teething and random virus madness and starting the girls in their cribs this week, and you see why I've been away.

Update on the Big Three (to which I have been entirely unfaithful):

  • Moving on to the lacy crochet dress I'm making a test run on: I got tired of the alternating sc/chain rows and dc/shell rows and started doing my own thing. If I were smart, I'd have written it down, but the idea came to me in the car while we were headed to Ohio. I was pushing my luck reading the pattern intermittently (I get car sick when I read in the car) so writing would have been the death of me. By the time I picked it up again at home, it became something else entirely, but I think it looks OK. As for reproducing it, maybe if I can tell from the original, but probably not. Anywho, getting closer to finished and it'll be a nice one-off.
  • Ripple Afghan: Ditched it, wasn't really working on it anyway. My mom brought me a bag of Lion Homespun she picked up at a yard sale, so that and a J hook are forming a new afghan - just a big granny square, really. I liked the way the colors looked together and there's not much else to do with Homespun, other than fluffy scarves, because it splits like a banana (ha!) and the texture makes it hard to see stitches. So, ripple afghan no more! Now, Homespun Granny Square!
  • The Great Owl: Finished! (See pictures here at my Ravelry page) I had originally signed up for the swap, too, but the kids kind of adopted him and I couldn't bear to send him away after that! I also started and finished another amigurumi or two (pictures to come) on the side - Bunnyman (Ravelry link) and the hammer pattern from the same book. The hammer went MIA at Grandma's house, so pictures will be forthcoming when it has been located. Needless to say, me+amigurumi = love!

I also picked up an older project this week, an apron I was making for the girls, writing the pattern as I went along. I'm happy to announce that it is nearly complete (one strap left to go!) and I will be posting pictures and the first draft of the pattern shortly! I'll end up working it through once more (gotta love knitting for twins!) and I'll see if I can get some testers, too, to work on sizing up and whatnot.

Well, time to go be an office schlub. See you next week, kids!