Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holy crap, I have a blog???

So, I just noticed I still have this thing. Apologies to anyone who actually read it for my extended absence. Knitting time has been scarce lately, but that doesn't mean I don't have a ton of projects going. And I'm getting back to a point where I need to reorganize and finish some things. Tonight, I'm looking at what's on the needles and in the bag and try to see what needs to get done first. Plus, I discovered while cleaning out old projects that there's a mouse in my basement and a couple of projects had to be tossed due to poor storage and mouse chewage. Time to get the WIP list back under control and set some goals for the coming year. WIPs on Ravelry

  1. Woven Baby Blanket: not knitting or crochet. weaving squares on a potholder loom. Loc: desk.
  2. Skull Hat - Round Two: if he loses this one, there may be violence. But I love him and will probably make a third. Loc: desk. 
  3. Potholder for Mom: Adventures in double knitting. Loc: desk. 
  4. Barbie Sweater: for the girls and their new found doll love. Loc: desk. 
  5. Wedding Rings Blanket for Miss Suzi: I might finish before their first anniversary - or not. It needs to be bigger. Loc: desk. 
  6. Chevron Bag: just needs the handle finished - the long, boring handle. Loc: desk. 
  7. Work Sleeves: old project that I never finished, but I still want to. Loc: basement. 
  8. Doc Socks: my doctor's appointment project. Seeing as there have been many of those recently, I'm already on the second sock. Loc: desk. 
  9. Geschenk: tiny bit of lace for me. Loc: desk. 
  10. Plain Scarf: simple scarf to show off a colorful yarn. Loc: basement. 
  11. Noro Cowl: another fun one just to show off the yarn. Loc: basement. 
  12. Hexipuffs: another scrap-based blanket - for my finer yarn. Loc: desk.
  13. Scrap Yarn Rug: this one gets attention as I get yarn scraps, but it grows. Loc: basement. 
So, my plan as it stands is to work my way back down to 10, and keep it there. Trying really hard not to start anything new, but I know I need to get cracking on a second baby blanket soon. People around me need to space their pregnancies better - I am not a machine. (jk) To start, I'm focusing my energy on three at a time, with a little jumping around for variety. My main project gets first billing, then extra time can go to the second one. Tentative Schedule for November:
  • 21: Woven Blanket & Barbie Sweater
  • 22: Skull Hat & Wedding Rings
  • 23: Potholder & Chevron
  • 24: Woven & Work Sleeves
  • 25: Skull & Doc
  • 26: Potholder & Geschenk 
  • 27: Woven & Plain
  • 28: Skull & Noro
  • 29: Potholder & Hexipuffs
  • 30: Woven & Scrap Rug
Wish me luck!!