Friday, September 3, 2010

I Did Promise Pictures, Didn't I?

And here we are. A pile of babies. Also, rejoice with me that a project from my list is done - the Scrap Bag was finished last night, and according to my husband, already claimed by the girls this morning while playing. I snagged it back for pictures during nap time.

Neat, huh? I'm really happy with the way it ended up looking - just slouchy enough. It started as a grocery bag and a way to use up scraps, but I think I might dig it (or one like it - I have tons of scraps) as a purse.
What's next for my project list? Well, when I get my yarn for the Wedding Present and for the girls' sweaters, I'll be casting on for those things and two projects will be temporarily dumped for these until they're done. I absolutely must finish these on time - it's become sort of a personal thing as well, showing myself I can set goals and deadlines for my knitting and come out with something (hopefully) fantastic.

The tea and cookies
were the surprise I'd been working on for my swap-bot buddy. She was very sweet and sent me a ton of postcards, including several just for Andy, so I decided to send a snack that lasts all day. The cup is filled with alpaca roving to look like tea and the cookies, cup and plate are all acrylic. I wish now I'd gotten a better shot of the teacup handle, as I kind of made it up on the fly.

As for my other two projects, they are both coming along just fine. Here's the hat, and yes, I'm working it on a 40" size 1 circular. I swear, all I really need anymore is a set of interchangeable tips and a 40" cable.

Here's my Skew Socks.I tried to get a good shot of the heel of the finished sock, and nearly broke my own leg.

On the second sock, I'm just before the point of finishing the heel and folding it over to join (what the designer calls the "origami moment"). It looks funny, not very sock-like at all. But, trust me, and trust the pattern. Totally going to be a sock.

Well, I need to take a few minutes and let my brain process some things. I may be back later for a discussion on why I need to get off my ass and write some patterns.