Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Update on the Big Three

OK, so as I said before, my current Big 3 Projects are:

1. Maggie's Sweater (based on Helena from Knitty.com)
2. Skew Socks (knitty.com)
3. 1.5$ Cardigan (from Interweave Knits)

Agreements have been reached and Mommy has found knitting time. (wheee!) This week, I have good news - Maggie's sweater is nearly complete! I have finished the sleeves and did all the hemming (the pattern has a sleeve and botttom hem that needs to be turned under and sewn down) yesterday at naptime. All that's left now is to go back with a crochet hook and add the trim and ties (today's plan).

I've got one sock done on the Skew pattern and the second sock started. However, the charge on my camera's battery is low and my son has taken it upon himself to HIDE THE CHARGER (!!!) so no pictures until we find the charger again. Bah.

The 1.5$ Cardigan recently got ripped out and restarted. I was working the pattern as written, for separate back and front pieces, but my need to avoid seaming at all costs has caused me to start over, this time working the back and front together, in one flat piece until I get to the arms. It's going much better this way and I even feel like I'm getting more done.

I also figured something out this weekend. For some time, I've been trying to knit in the car when we go on family trips - to give me something to do in the car other than be terrified of my husband's driving, to pass the time on especially long drives, to steal some unexpected knitting time. The problem is, all three of my current projects also require frequent reference to a written pattern. Reading. In the car. Can't do it - never have been able to. So, I put together a teeny bag of yarn and a crochet hook and decided that would be my perfect car project - random crochet bits, free of nausea-making patterns and in-car reading. Saturday, I made daisy chains for the girls for Easter. Sunday, I started a cotton bib with a super-cute flower on the neck-strap. This is working. This we like.

Well, time to return to the wonderful world of work. We're going to try to update more often. Soon, there will be pictures.