Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June Project Checkup

Unfinished Beasties:
  • Kathie's Potholder
  • Baby Snow Dragon
  • Animal Crackers Hat
  • Blue Gabu in Kitchen
  • Market Bag
New Stuff:
  • Groovyghan (just a little at a time and I'll finish it eventually)
  • New Skully Hat for Jon (thinking of getting some Chroma to work the skully part)
  • Jamie's Blanket
  • Tatted Bookmark
Stuff I Want to Start:
  • Bamboo Yarn: Shifting Sands and add buttons to make a shrug for work
  • Purple/Beige: Blanket with Circle Star square pattern
  • Chunky: find a nice cable pattern for a scarf
  • Marina: this
  • Tundra: this
Things I Wanna Finish This Year:
  • February: (WIP) Crochet dress for Maggie (get back on it)
  • May: Socks for my son (4) - aiming for Kilt hose for September
  • June: New kilt hose for Daddy - planning on ordering the yarn for this after the wedding.
  • July: (WIP) Dollar and a Half Cardigan - finish this before it gets cold again.
  • August: (WIP) Skew sock needs a second sock- still!
  • September: (WIP) squishy Noro scarf- sits untouched this month.
  • October: (WIP) Lion Homespun Blanket - waay back burner.
  • November: (WIP) my Jeannie shawl - not a stitch this month.
  • December: Spoke - only if I'm a very good girl :)