Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This Week in ... Stuffing?

Yep, so I got very caught up in this whole amigurumi thing. It is officially a problem, as I have ideas for other things, I want to make other things (I want to KNIT again!) but every time I walk past a crochet hook or a ball of acrylic, a toy something or other happens. I have a partner on swap-bot who will be benefiting from my bouts of insanity, as well as my sister. (I won't say more until after the items have arrived at their intended homes, then there will be some pictures) Getting the kids to sleep in not-my-bed has been both awesome and dangerous. The kids are sleeping better, nights are easier to handle (we've even started in on something of an extended bedtime routine, what with pj's and toothbrushes and a story) and even nap time has become nicer. The problem has been that once I get the kids to bed, I tend to forget to go to bed myself. As I get up at 4 am to go to work, this is a problem. Needless to say, I have been wicked tired and am going to bed earlier this week. Now, on to the update, even though I haven't done much on them this week in favor of Hurricane Amigurumi.

Update on the Big Three:
  • Lacy Dress: I only did a few more rows this week, but it's approaching a wearable length. I am currently waffling over "line it or put a onesie under it?" I will post pictures and you can decide.
  • The Homespun Granny Square: a couple rows bigger, but still not impressive.
  • Knit Apron: still one strap shy of done and final fitting. There will be pictures. And a tentative pattern - I'll post them on Ravelry and link here.
OK, now go back and count the times I promised pictures. Plan on next week being highly illustrated. Have fun and see you then!

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