Thursday, August 5, 2010

What I Did Get to Do Last Night

Well, things got marginally better after naptime. I tried a new dish with the kids for dinner and everyone ate pretty well. Sister in law came over to help with the kids so I could get the garbage out, pack up lunch for today and fold some laundry. Bath time went reasonably well, though Andy's started the irritating habit of stalling bedtime from the second he gets in the tub until I'm actually picking him up and putting him in bed. He had to brush his teeth twice last night. Well ... at least he cares about dental hygiene. The girls were a little more active than normal, but everyone was reasonably asleep before ten. Then it was crochet dress and new episode of Psych for Mommy!

Total side question: How the hell does an 18 month old soak their pillow - twice! - in what appeared to be drool alone? I think Joan's licking her pillow at night.

OK, now back to the craftiness. I finally got to work on the crochet dress. The pattern says that the dress is going to end up loose-fitting, but it just seems like it's turning out so wide. Now, my critters are skinny anyway and pretty much anything I make for them in the right size ends up wide on them. But it's been happening a lot more lately, especially with knit and crochet patterns. I had recently finished a knit dress in a size 2T that looked like it would be a leaner fit and long enough for them at two. I'm going to end up remaking it - adding length and getting rid of some stitches across the body. It seems like it's too short and too wide. (I tried it on my son for reference - he's probably still mad at me for that.) Now, this dress. Am I doomed to never be able to pick up a kids pattern without having to alter it from the start? This time, I'm going to trust the pattern and let it go as it is. If it fits, great! If not, we'll just scrap it and make something else.

Now, this is mostly for me and some for you - my current list of WIP (knittting and crochet) and I'm sure there will be more to add as I go on.

- Crochet Dress (the one I've been on about today)
- Hideous Homespun Granny Square
- Knit Girls Apron (nearly through v2!)
- Crochet Tea Set
- Skew sock (one done, still need to finish #2)
- $1.5 Cardigan (no, still not done yet)
- Noro Gloves
- Jeanie wrap with Noro sock yarn
- Scrap Bag

Well, that's all I've got for now. Next time, we just might delve into the wild world of swapping!

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