Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What I'm Doing This Week

So, it's Wednesday already. Yaay. So, here's what I'll be doing for the rest of the week:

Nap Project: Getting out the Cricut to make pieces for a set of cards I'm doing for a swap (there will be pictures, but I won't be able to post them until my partner gets them - I don't do spoilers)
Nap Chores: Trash Day (pickup is Thursday AM)
Night Project: Working on the crochet dress I recently started - I scrapped the lacy dress in favor of this one. I'm liking it much better, though I've learned I really need to count my stitches.

Nap Project: More working on the crochet dress (remember, I'm taking things one project at a time for a while so I can get my head back together
Nap Chores: Laundry (yuk!)
Night Project: Embroidering a recycled clothing bag for another swap (once again, pics will come but not until my partner sees it first!)

Nap Project: I'm going to sew! I just dusted off the sewing machine for the first time in ages last weekend and I'd like to get back in the habit. If the bag I'm working on is ready to have the lining sewn in, I'll do that. Otherwise, I'm going to finish the dress I started ages ago for the girls (yes, even if it doesn't fit anymore - I'll save it for the next person to have a girl) If there's still time, I'd like to start cutting out another dress from the rest of the fabric - in a bigger size this time!)
Nap Chores: Basement & Living Room (again!), make the grocery list
Night Project: I think I'll split my time between working on the cards some more and finishing that apron so I can finally post the pattern!

So, there it is. I feel a little better already.

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