Friday, August 6, 2010

Thinking Out Loud

Note to self- no heavy lifting tonight. Stretch this to somehow include doing the dishes and picking up the kids' toys.

Things I Should Do:
  1. Finish up all my swaps and take some time off of labor intensive swaps - stick to postcards, crochet and destashing for a while. Maybe do some more random nice things.
  2. Pack up my paper-crafty stuff under the table for the time being. Retire the cricut and the sewing machine to the basement until they are needed again.
  3. Make sure I've got all my current projects on Ravelry. Try to use that more as a tool for keeping track of my projects than here. That *is* what it's for, after all.
Time to go resist the urge to get all crafty and rest. I really did hurt my back and I do not wish to make it worse before naptime's even over.

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