Monday, August 30, 2010

Everyone Should Have 12 Projects Going At Once

... Or not. I seem to have fallen back into the pattern of trying to do a little bit on too many projects. While it's been fun to get my hands on some moldy oldies, and I'm all for resurrecting older projects to keep them familiar (plus try and finish them!) while working through new patterns, it's kind of overwhelming me and adding to random anxiety attacks that I Really. Don't. Need. Switching up the lineup occasionally? Good. Constantly bouncing between projects? Bad.

Soooo, here is my solution. I'm going back to working three at a time. I'll add in another WIP or start a new project when one of these 3 is done. Now, I do have one exception - the Wedding Present. As soon as the yarn and needles come in, I have to start it. And, I even have the first 3 up to be completed (by merit of them being the 3 projects sitting next to my computer)
  1. Leverage Hat for Der Hubs. This one now has a deadline - October 2. I'd like it done in time for his birthday.
  2. Scrap Bag. This is such an easy project and so close to completion, I might as well finish.
  3. Skew Socks. One sock is a lonely sock - I just want these done so I can be wearing them.
So, there ya go. I can now identify when a manic episode is coming on by how many knitting (or crochet!) projects I have going at once.

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