Friday, August 6, 2010


I'd really like to get back into sewing.

I'd also really like to jump wholeheartedly into any one of the things I love to do. My problem is that there are too many things I enjoy doing, and I don't want to let any of them go. Even writing in here. I'd love to say "OK, I'm going to focus my energy on knitting (for instance) and writing a fun and engaging blog about knitting. I'm going to hone my skills, pick up new techniques and start writing patterns. I'm going to become a stellar knitter and let everything else fade to crafty background noise."

Oh, how easy that would be.

So, let's say I become a full-time knitter, so to speak. What of my crochet, then? I've been crocheting much longer than I've been knitting. Right now, even, I've got more crochet on the to-do list than knitting. Do I let my rebuilding drawing and painting skills fall aside again? I used to be able to draw really well - and I enjoyed it! Drawing was once a very calming and centering activity. Do I give up my paper-craftiness to knit more? How about that sewing, too? Sewing seems to be the one thing that I've always wanted to do more of, yet I never seem to find the time to focus and work at becoming a better seamstress. How do I justify focusing on just one thing when I love to do it all?

I wouldn't need a crazy schedule that gets all messed up if I could just focus on one thing at a time.

My fragmented crafting life is affecting my real life as well. I have boxes and piles and stashes all over the house. A box of unfinished knitting and crochet behind the couch. A bag of half-completed sewing sits under the kitchen table, right next to the bin of paper crafts I'm sort of working on. My utility room is monument to my crafty disjointedness. (Is that even a word?)

So, I worked this over in my head last night, hoping that putting some sleep on it would clarify. It did, sort of. I have a bit of a plan, and I'd like to try it out and post about it here. My idea is "The Seasonal Crafter" - I'm going to try just focusing on one aspect at a time, shifting with the seasons. (Or every three months, since summer seems to last for five months around here) Obviously, it will take some time to see if it works and I'd need to really commit to sticking to the plan over a long period. But I want to try. I want this to work, and maybe along the way I'll find out just what it is I was meant to do.

I'll go into the specifics later. For now, just let this sink in and let me know what you all think.

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