Wednesday, August 11, 2010

About Last Night

Yeah, yesterday/last night just was not working out for me at all. Back's still bothering me, and the medication I need to take to make it bearable also makes me woogy and sleepy. Fun. The kids were fine until bedtime, where everyone decided to freak out over something all at once. For Joan, it was the toothbrush. She decided that me taking away her toothbrush was an act of war and spent the next twenty minutes screaming her head off. Maggie seems to freak out over going to sleep in general and did her screaming every time I left the room thing. Andy decided he wanted to sit up in bed and play with his toys. Needless to say, the kids didn't go down until after 10. I did, however, have a very helpful little boy at dinnertime - Andy helped make dinner and carried his sisters' plates to the table, and helped rinse the dirty dishes in the sink. How wonderful.

What I Worked on Yesterday:
  • got my postcard together for the PC swap
  • worked on the embroidery some more
  • knit a lot on the dishcloth - I'm into the decreases now and nearly done.

What's Left to Do:

  • Finish the embroidery and put a handle on the recycled clothing swap.
  • Pick my ATC's to be traded.
  • Finish knitting my swap dishcloth
  • Make my tool ATC.
  • Finish the card kit.
  • Make the amigurumi for my RAK.
  • Crochet Dress
  • Homespun Blanket
  • Finish the knit apron and post the pattern.
  • Crochet tea set.
  • Make second skew sock
  • $1.5 cardigan (I want this finished before winter - I need a new sweater anyway)
  • Noro gloves (before winter)
  • Jeannie Wrap (sometime in the next year would be nice)
  • Scrap Bag
  • Christmas cards for family this year
  • Potential wedding present on the horizon (still deciding what I want to make - down to two choices and I need to ask the recipient)
  • Possibly make sweater/hat sets for all the kids (maybe plan this for next christmas)
  • MORE SOCKS!!! I miss making socks and I want to use some of this time focusing on yarny goodness to make some more socks, especially for the kids and I'd like to have some new kilt hose ready for the boy for next year's games.

Today I'll pick up at the Tool ATC and work my way through. I'm trying to rotate getting my hands on each project until everything is done. Obviously, the ones with deadlines will see my hands more often until they are done, but I'm also trying to get in a good mix of knitting and crochet that haven't seen my hands in a while, either. The toughest part of getting this seasonal crafting thing going is getting the back log cleared out first. On to the day.

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