Thursday, August 12, 2010

And Again With The Lists ...

I just needed to stop and keep track of where I am with my projects. Some got finished and I have a new project or so to add.

What I Worked on Yesterday:
  • Finished my Tool ATC. It's adorable and my first time woring with illustration board. Michael's now sells a variety of papers cut down to ATC size and while I'll mostly keep making my own, it's nice to experiment.
  • Got a few more rows done on the crochet dress.
  • Finished my knit washcloth - now just to get my partner and send it on its happy way.

Still To Do/New Projects:

  • Finish the embroidery and put a handle on the recycled clothing swap.
  • Pick my ATC's to be traded.
  • Waiting for partners to be assigned for Tool ATC and dishcloth swap, then I need to get those packaged up and sent off.
  • Finish the card kit.
  • Make the amigurumi for my RAK.
  • Crochet Dress
  • Homespun Blanket
  • Finish the knit apron and post the pattern.
  • Crochet tea set.
  • Make second skew sock
  • $1.5 cardigan (I want this finished before winter - I need a new sweater anyway)
  • Noro gloves (before winter)
  • Jeannie Wrap (sometime in the next year would be nice)
  • Scrap Bag
  • Christmas cards for family this year
  • Wedding Present: Make the infinity wrap in a nice yellow/salmon color. I need to order some not-wool from KnitPicks. Also considering picking up a knit lace wrap on the side just for fun. Or the crochet entrelac wrap.
  • Possibly make sweater/hat sets for all the kids (maybe plan this for next christmas)
  • MORE SOCKS!!! I miss making socks and I want to use some of this time focusing on yarny goodness to make some more socks, especially for the kids and I'd like to have some new kilt hose ready for the boy for next year's games.

Today, I'm keeping my focus more on the knitting/crochet side as my back is still wonky and in need of activities that don't require me to stay hunched over a desk/sewing machine/drawing. Tomorrow, however, I need to pick up that embroidery and make some real progress so I can get that finished. So, today - knit apron and start the amigurumi for my RAK.

Yaay - focus. Now, to see what comes along and gets me all sideways today.

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