Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Coming Up on Wednesday

Trying to put a little balance in my life lately, so I joined the Flylady group online. I started my baby steps, washed my sink last night. I didn't realize how nice it would look and how nice something as simple as a clean sink would make me feel. Now I know today, all it's going to take is getting the dishes done and a quick rinse to get back to pretty. I'll probably post from time to time on how I'm doing with that, too. Wednesday is apparently Anti-Procrastination Day, so I'm going to apply this to my craftiness as well as my housework. After I finish getting my swaps ready to go that need to hit the mail tomorrow, I'll be picking up the card kit that I've been surrepetitiously shuffling to the bottom of the list and try to get that more together. As for housework I've been putting off, it's laundry time. I'm going to hit the basement and get some of that stuff put away for once. I'm tired of having to search the dryer and the baskets for clean clothes.

So, in review - crap I'm not putting off any more today:
  • Getting the laundry folded and put away.
  • My card kit for the swap. Maybe I'll even tackle the big elements first and put those together.
  • After the kids go down for the night, I'll go back to my crochet and make some more progress on the amigurumi RAK I started last night. One piece is already done and it's super cute.
  • If there's time, there will be some stalking about the house with a camera as well.

Onwards to Wednesday!

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