Friday, August 13, 2010

The Wedding Present

My sister in law is getting married next May. She's tickled pink (well, salmon, as there will be no pink in her wedding) and I'm happy for her. Sarah has been a good friend and a huge help to us, especially with coming over on Wednesdays to look after the babies. She started this when my son was 18 months old, so I could go to a local knitting group meet-up. When the girls came, she did the same, and even added a day so I could have some more time to rest, run errands or do some housework. Over the past few years, we've gone from not being terribly fond of each other to feeling something more like family. So, I'm anxious to use my crafty goodness to make something useful and pretty for her. After talking to her, I decided on a shawl. She'd like something warm and snuggly, no wool, and I think we're leaning towards orange/yellow/salmon colorways. But she's not a fan of having wool next to her skin. This drastically reduces my options for yarn, as everything I wanted to use is either wool or a wool blend.

Option A: Go for a cotton, bamboo or silk, though it won't be as warm.
Option B: A textured cotton with a simple shawl pattern.
Option C: Win her over to the dark side with this yarn.

More later - patterns and other ideas.

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