Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Greetings from Helena, HB!!

Wow, so things went to crap pretty fast this afternoon. My back started hurting while I was still at work, which always puts me in a good mood. I called Der Hubs to make sure there was nothing we needed from the store. I was not crazy about stopping on the way home, but I didn't want to go back out during nap, either. I wanted to work on my cards and make happy. He assured me there was nothing we needed. Yaay.

So, I make it home just before two. The remnants of lunch are still on the table. The kids are still in their PJ's and still very wound up. Somebody needs a diaper change. I don't know where anyone's sippies are. Anywho, I get all the babies upstairs and in their cribs - Andy after a ten-minute argument over whether he could take his toys with him. (No.) Naptime started at two o'clock. By three, the girls were asleep and Andy was nearly so, so I slip out of the room and head downstairs to craft. My back is still killing me and I'm debating the wisdom of spending an hour bent over a table working with paper. I go to get a drink and make a quick lunch for myself.

Oh, hey, look. We're out of milk. I tell my husband I'm headed out for milk (he, too, is napping before he goes to work tonight) and suddenly my list has gone from one to four things. I decide to not mention how not two hours ago, he told me we were fine and there was nothing I needed to get from the store. I opt instead to seethe while driving to the grocery store. Sometimes, it's just not worth the trouble to fight about it, even when I'm right.

Well, then, we're back. It is now quarter after 4. I made a quick lunch for the two of us and I'm getting ready to settle in and crochet while I catch up on House on the laptop. At this point, I'm not going to get the garbage done until after dinner. My back hurts too much to work at the table on the cards. I'm just going to let the kids sleep until 5. At least I'll get a little time to myself.


OK, I quit. Maggie's up. See, this is why I can never plan anything. The second I know what I'm doing, the universe conspires to make it not happen.

Oh, and I'll get out the Cricut tomorrow.

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