Saturday, January 1, 2011

January Knitting Schedule

Just trying to start out the new year right - here's what I'm planning for January:
  1. January project for 12in2011: Maggie's Knit Dress. Completely restarted in a new yarn (after midnight of course!) and I want to put some significant time on it this month.
  2. Charms January 2011 (HPKCHC): Stalking a fellow first year - making a Walk In the Park hat for a recipient still to be decided.
  3. Herbology January 2010 (HPKCHC): Making a very fun Pomp A Doodle scarf for Misses Maggie and Joan to play with. I've felt some strange self punishing urge to play with this yarn and Maggie has developed a fondness for scarves lately.
  4. Planning to put in some time on the shawl o' doom as well as the girls' shrugs, now that I've found a better yarn.
That sounds like a sufficiently busy January. Add to that a nightgown that needs a sleeve fixed and a pair of pants that needs patching and it will be a busy January, indeed.

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