Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just Getting Ready for Next Year

(from Ravelry's 12 in 2011 group )

January: (WIP) knit dress for the girls - need to restart in a lighter yarn

February: (WIP) Crochet dress for Joan

March: (WIP)Shipwreck Shawl for my sister in law as a wedding present

April: (WIP)Two matching shrugs for my twin daughters (turning 2) who will be participating in said wedding

May: Socks for my son (4) to match the girls’ shrugs (he will also be involved in the wedding)
June: By this point, Daddy will surely need new kilt hose as well for the games in September and I’vebeen dying to make these

July: (WIP) Dollar and a Half Cardigan needs to be finished

August: (WIP) Skew sock needs a second sock

September: (WIP) squishy Noro scarf

October: (WIP) I know it’s kind of lame, but I started a blanket in Lion Homespun and I’d like to finish it. The yarn’s a bear to work with but it makes such snuggly blankets and the only blanket I’ve ever finished with Homespun I gave away.

November: (WIP) my Jeannie shawl that has been languishing for far too long

December: As a present to myself, if I can clear out most or all of this list, I’d like to make this just for me

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