Friday, December 3, 2010


Last night was an exercise in frustration. Andy decided he was going to keep me running up and down the stairs until about 11pm, so I only got a little bit of working time in between trips to put him back in bed. I am now almost halfway through a sleeve, adn dangerously close to out of yarn for his sweater, so it's back in the bag with this one until I can make it out to get more yarn.

Tonight, I'm planning on doing the gusset (up to the heel turn) on the sock, still need to put three rows on the shawl and two inches on the neck strap. If I can get out to get yarn, I'll be finishing the collar and the rest of the first sleeve on the sweater. If not, I'll catch up over the weekend.

Now, to justify to myself why knitting takes precedence over laundry and doing work that I brought home with me ....

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