Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Knitting Update

Where I'm At With My Current Projects:
  • Mom's Socks: Yes, I am taking full advantage of the fact that I don't need to have these ready until New Year's Day. Neener neener. Still, all that's left is the leg and cuff, maybe 2-2.5" more overall. Then, we weave in ends and make an attempt at blocking. Then, we go finish wrapping Mom's present.
  • Andy's Sweater: Sleeve one is attached and has a cuff, sleeve 2 is more than halfway done. Yaay!
  • Oh, yeah and in the middle of all this, I did manage a hat and scarf (finished Christmas Day!) for Sarah for her birthday. So that's what's been taking me so long ...
  • I had to restart the shrugs for the girls for the wedding. After seeing fabric samples for the dresses next to the original yarn, we decided it was too pink and I found a nice terra cotta in a sport weight cotton blend, so the jackets will be a bit thicker, but still washable and actually better for the pattern than what I had originally planned to use. Plus, the thicker yarn will knit up faster. Oh, and I broke my size 4 Zephyr tips (knitpicks acrylic needles). These needles do not like being stressed and do not mix well with tense knitting.
  • Added a whole row to the shwal in the past month - I foresee a stint in Detention for the month of April in HPKCHC. Oh, and on that, I got sorted into the Hufflepuff House!! Wheee!

Projects I've Been Ignoring/Avoiding that Will Need to be Done This Year:

  • Beully Dress
  • Jeanie Wrap
  • Skew Sock #2
  • Buck.5 Cardigan
  • Homespun Blanket From Hell

Ok, that's that for now. Time to go be a grown-up.

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