Monday, December 27, 2010

Post-Christmas Quickie

OK, so I fully intended to post last night, but a little monkey kept jumping out of his bed and I had to chase him back up the stairs. Repeatedly.

So, short version of Christmas - kids had a blast with all the grandparents, made out like bandits. My parents apparently no longer love me, as they got baby dolls that TALK TO EACH OTHER for the girls. (Thank goodness for small miracles like the OFF switch.) Andy has been giving everyone and everything he can get his hands on a checkup and shots with his play-doctor kit.

And I got a new camera!! Yay no more crappy phone pictures!! I did have a chance to take pictures of the socks I'm making for Mom - finished one and almost done with #2.

... AAAnd Flickr is being a beast and won't let me post pics. Here's some links instead

I will try for a more voluminous update later on, when the internet no longer hates me.

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