Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Overall

January FO Count: Still 6.

Projects This Month:

  1. Walk in the Park Hat
  2. Purple Puffball Hat
  3. Flooofy Baby Doll Dress
  4. Baby Doll Jumper (no pictures - sorry kids!)
  5. Stripey Baby Doll Socks
  6. Cream Color Baby Doll Knee High Socks

What's in the Bag Right Now:

  1. Knit Dress for the girls
  2. The Wedding Present
  3. Shrugs for the girls
  4. Hat for Charity

Not planning on adding anything to this list until class assignments are up for Feb for HPKCHC, then there may be some new projects - I'm also aiming to get one of these older projects off my plate for Detention.

And now a quick peek at my 12 in 2011:

January: (WIP) knit dress for the girls - almost done with the skirt, see here.

February: (WIP) Crochet dress for Joan -still on the back burner, will bring it up after the first dress is done.

March: (WIP)Shipwreck Shawl: added a few more rows, no major progress. I want to get moving on this and maybe have it done for the bridal shower in April.

April: (WIP)Two matching shrugs - had to restart in a different color, only a couple inches into the first collar. Also need to get a move on with this one.

May: Socks for my son (4) - he'll need kilt hose for the wedding, after all, so I need to get a pattern together ASAP.

June: New kilt hose for Daddy - planning on ordering the yarn for this after the wedding.

July: (WIP) Dollar and a Half Cardigan - also a back burner, after the wedding.

August: (WIP) Skew sock needs a second sock- still!

September: (WIP) squishy Noro scarf- sits untouched this month.

October: (WIP) Lion Homespun Blanket - waay back burner.

November: (WIP) my Jeannie shawl - not a stitch this month.

December: As a present to myself, if I can clear out most or all of this list, I’d like to make this just for me - well, this will most likely sit on my list until sometime mid-December, when I finally clear out the list.

So, that's January, boys and girls! Not too bad!

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