Sunday, January 16, 2011

January - Halfway Through

Well, I've been working away at baby doll clothes for a week or so now, and I am almost through the fluffiest. damn. doll. dress. ever. Seriously, I've run though two complete skeins of acrylic, part of a third and I'm still not done. As of last night, I'm within about three rows of done if I don't make the goofy underpants. I'm not making two of these. So, I decided to go with making the floofy pile of awesomeness, a jumper and maybe a pants and top along with a couple pairs of socks.

Been putting some thought to knitting for charity and found a couple of options in the area - I'll go on at length about this when I have better plans laid out.

Put a couple of rows on the shawl and on my 12 in 2011 January Project.

Also starting this: I want to see what I'm really getting done, for all my whining about starting and not finishing, I want to see what is getting done.

2011 FO Count: 2

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