Sunday, January 9, 2011

January and More Fun

Friday night, I sit down to patiently work my way through this month's selected projects (btw, that would be the knit dress for the girls, working on the shawl and a couple of things I had in mind for HPKCHC) and it hits me. It's January. I have two girls, who happen to have been born in January. They expect birthday presents. I should make them something. Thank goodness I knit (or, as we will see - crochet).

The next sound you hear will be the sound of all my other intended January projects grinding to a screeching halt. Except for the hats for HPKCHC - those are done. (Hey, I finished something! Woohoo!) Now, my time is consumed with crocheting two sufficiently frilly doll dresses, then two miniature jumpers, then four teeny pairs of socks. If there's time, maybe some hats, or baby-bunting-type things. I have until the 28th, after all. Two days in, and I'm almost done with the first dress.

I have also been infected with the doll clothes bug. I now know why my mom seemed obsessed with creating a tiny wardrobe for baby and Barbie alike. It is the essence of instant gratification crafting. It's the complete garment on a small, quick-to-finish scale. I don't know if I'll ever fully recover. My queue is full of doll clothes patterns, and I'm considering taking up sewing for lighter items. My scrap sock yarn is in danger of becoming so many pairs of teeny lacy socks.

I am less confident in my abilities to finish the shawl by May. Welcome to Sidetracked Crafting.

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