Tuesday, January 18, 2011


2011 FO Count: 4

Finished Sunday: Fluffy Baby Doll Dress, striped baby doll socks.

Worked on last night: second pair of baby doll socks - fancy-pants white socks with a teeny cable up the back. I'm on sock #1, about an inch up the leg, planning for a 2.5" leg and 1" of cuff.

Planning for Tonight: Taking some time off baby doll stuff to put a couple more rows on the shawl, then back to either the jumper or socks. I still need to find a pants/top pattern.

Also, I have been eating waay healthier for about three days now and feeling very nice. I've been following a diet (sort of) and packing lunch, rather than availing myself of the cafe downstairs at work. Expecting the numbers on the scale to change (a little) in about a week or so. Got three kids to eat salad.

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