Friday, January 15, 2010

Update on Running Projects

So I promised I'd post something about what I've been working on this week. Well, starting from last Sunday, here are the projects I put in some time on. I'll elaborate when I have more time.

Sunday: Wound yarn for and cast on Maggie's Helena sweater in the Furnace Mountain alpaca.

Monday: Did a little on Maggie's sweater and a little bit of the white lace edging I've been making for the girls' dresses.

Tuesday: Another repeat on the lace and some crochet on the scarf hat pattern I've been working out.

Wednesday: Did about an inch on the cabled wrap at naptime and brought Maggie's sweater to Cosi's.

Thursday: Crocheted a bit on the Scarf Hat in the afternoon.

Friday (today!!): Almost done with the Scarf Hat at naptime, plan to finish it tonight and try it on/make pattern adjustments Saturday morning. After that, probably Maggie's sweater, my sweater and the cabled wrap.

Babies are a-wakin'. Time to go.

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