Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More Projects ... More Fun

Friday: worked on what I said I would and realized that a little bit of each over several projects translates into nothing gets done even slower. So, I'm cutting down to my top 3 projects, cycling them out as I finish them. I'll list the current top 3 later on.

Saturday: not much knitting time, but it all went to Maggie's sweater.

Sunday, Monday: Not one stitch. It was very lonely.

Today: a little bit on Maggie's sweater - started the lace panel. Yaay!

OK, so my current Top 3:

1. Maggie's Helena Sweater, of course.
2. Cabled Jeanie Wrap. I think I should always try to have something in Noro on the needles at all times. Yum!
3. Recycled Place Mats: I have plastic shopping bags that need to go away. I need nigh indestructible place mats I can throw in the dishwasher and I won't cry if they get ruined. Plus the yarn is free.

This may make my posts more boring, focusing on three projects like this, but it needs to be done.

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