Saturday, October 24, 2009

Look! A Pattern!

I post infrequently. I'm looking to change that.

Guess what? I had twins! Girls, at that!! Well, warm up the needles, I've got the first (of many, I hope) pattern inspired by my baby girls.

Baby tights for babies who hate socks
Size: 0-12 months (I'm looking to add the numbers for larger sizes, and maybe a newborn size - test knitters, anyone?)

Red Heart Heart & Sole Sock Yarn with Aloe
Size 1 circular or double point needles

Gauge: approx. 7 st/13 rows = 1" square.

CO 48 st. Divide between needles and join without twisting to form rounds.

Ribbing: (K2 tbl, p2) around. Repeat for 9 more rows.

Texture Stitch:
Row1: k around.
Row 2: (k1, p1) around.

Work in Texture Stitch for approx. 7" (about 45 repeats)

K 1 round.

Work 10 rows ribbing. BO all st in pattern.

Weave in ends. Insert baby legs.


Tara... said...

Sew cute! I love legwarmers too (still a baby!)
Just popping over from my blog - you commented on my gloves. The wool is just us using up absolutley random scraps - sew a bit of everything really. A bit of mohair too which i think makes them extra warm and snuggley. Thanks for popping by!

eviebits said...

They're great when babies are crawling - they protect wee-knees from carpet burn and getting dirty.

Well, scraps or no - the colors are great! *ideas bubbling for my scrap wool box .... mmmm* If you knit a fair bit, I'm getting into pattern writing and I'll be posting some of them here as I work them out - I'd love feedback on them! (my goal is to get a pattern published by the end of the year)

Have fun!