Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quick Update While Nursing ...

Just a What I Did post ... skip if you like.

Finished a sippy cup band for each of the girls, but they're too big for the new cups. Up on the shelf they go, and back to the size 3 hook for 2 more.

Worked a bit on my 1.5$ cardigan (name of the pattern not actual cost) and Maggie's sweater. I know, the cardi isn't on my list, but I desperately needed to do something just for me after the birthday party madness for the girls this weekend. Anywho, all said, I've spent maybe two hours out of the past week knitting and it's making me angry. I'm increasingly finding that the only person looking out for my needs is me and I'm not doing a very good job, after the kidsand the job and the hubs and the house - there's just nothing left and it hurts me.

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