Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowed In ..

Guess who was too tired to knit after cooking and babychasing and hanging up snowy coats?

This is quite possibly the shittiest time I've ever had snowed in. Since Friday, I've knit maybe 40 minutes (it's Sunday now) and my lack of Mommy-time is really making me upset and angry. He absolutely does not see what this is doing to me - or how much free time I don't get.

Well, only one kid up at the moment so I'm gonna be a bad mommy and let her run all over the living room while I knit a little bit, because dammit, I deserve it. Well, nevermind on that now, she's making the "Mommy pick me up"noise.

I am going to lose my mind. This blog is turning from knitting to insanity. I'd like to go back to knitting!


Gwen said...

Hang in there Evie!

eviebits said...

*somebody reads this?*

yay! I'm already starting to calm down a bit. part of my issue is i have these massive panic attacks when it snows even a couple of inches.

i called my mom and cried on her. she's very good at being cried on.

Cassidy said...

I hope you get back to knitting, i know doing stuff is a stress release :)

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Viola Odorata said...

Don't panic!

Can't you let your kids play in the snow so they become very tired and in need of a nap?

Have a nice big cup of tea and some knitting time!

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Dragon Watcher said...

Hi Evie,
Being snowed in is never nice :(
hope it melts soon.

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lollywood said...

Aaah, I hate being snowed in... because then I'm always itching to get out and go somewhere! Hopefully by now you aren't snowed in anymore!

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Have a great day!

Victoria said...

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Laura said...

I hate being snowed in too. I was stuck in the house all weekend, but I did get to finish reading all 3 of the books I had started and never finished. I hope your snow melts soon!

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lisajhoney said...

lisajoney here from swapbot, Be My Blog Follower 2 swap.
Hope you can get out soon, enjoy lots of knitting