Monday, October 8, 2007

And She Knits and Thinks ... Where Do I Begin?

I start. But I don't finish. OK, I rarely finish. Either way, I have a closet full of start, and a tiny box full of finish.

So, the thought occurs to me late one day ... if I tell other people what I'm working on, maybe I'll be more tempted to finish these things. If I finish these things, my closet will have more space. If my closet has more space, everyone is happy. If everyone is happy, they leave me alone and I can knit more. See how this works? Neat, huh?

Now then, on to business. This project has two parts -- one for me, the knitter and writer, and one for you, the reader. I will vow to update on a regular basis and keep you apprised of developments in my current projects. I will start and finish my projects, sometimes even in the same year. I will take pictures and share the joy that is getting this stuff done. You, dear reader, need to sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Let me know what you think, if you like. And for the love of all that is good and wooly, KEEP ME ON TASK!! Break me of my habit of starting eleven projects and finishing one. Ask me, "And then what? What happened to that ambitious sweater you started ages ago?" Beat me when my excuses aren't good enough.

I will lay out my first task now. I will, in a reasonable amount of time (read: sometime this week, between work, the baby and the hubs) post a current list of projects I have in limbo. If I have enough time, you get pictures, too. I will also let you know which project is currently at the top of the list and where I stand on its completion.

I must depart now, for lunch time comes but once a day, but I shall return in short time to get this ball of yarn rolling.

Oh, yeah and a small warning: I do other things than knit. So, don't be alarmed when pictures of half-finished crochet, cross stitch, embroidery and sewing show up here, too. Because, they too, need to get out of my closet.

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