Monday, March 8, 2010


I will post more later on when I have a bit more time - even some pictures!

OK, so I lost my voice this weekend and Jon's parents were kind enough to take all 3 kids Saturday night and let me rest Sunday. I had to go into work for a bit, but I ended up with a sizable afternoon to myself for the first time in forever. I missed my babies, but it was incredibly relaxing. I picked up around the house, worked on some paper-craftiness I'd wanted to start, and I knit. Oh, how I knit.

So this sock is almost complete. I finished the swoopy heel (not as hard as it looks, but definitely fun!) and most of the leg - only the ribbing left and it's one sock done! The evil little monkey in me wants to size it down to kid -size and make Andy a pair. The pragmatist in me says finish a pair first, then finish some other projects - then we'll see about these crazy new projects. The inner battles never cease for a knitter.

Off to work and the doctor today. If I get some time later, I promise pictures. Maybe even another post or two. And, even though I know this is my knitting journal - I really want to show you some of the paper stuff I've been working on.

Have Fun!

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