Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Know, It's Been Some Time ...

I've gotten out of the habit of updating and writing about my projects. This has led me back down the road to "my desk runneth over". While some of this madness has been fueled by birthday presents in progress and making sure I finish sweaters for the kids before they grow again, most of it has been just plain disorder and letting my needles (and hook!) run away with me. So, I'm kind of back where I started - a pile of unfinished work and that icky feeling in my stomach every time I pass my desk and its ever-growing pile of projects. (It's best not to remind me that I have a basement at this point, much less remind me what's down *there*)

Oh, and my camera died. Bah.

So, what's on my desk at the moment? Too much.

First, there's another birthday project - a colorwork hat for Jon's mom. She liked the one I made for Andy a couple years ago and asked for that for her birthday this year. Unfortunately, I didn't ask her what she wanted until last weekend, so I just started it and I have three days left to finish. I don't think it's going to be done in time (birthday celebration is Saturday, actual birthday is Tuesday) but it's what I'm working on until it's done.

For the kids, I've got matching hats to go with some super-cute sweaters I finished last month (the girls). Andy is getting his own version of the sweaters in green and brown and has asked for a hat as well, so that's next on the table after I get the birthday present out of the way.

*shiver* I haven't even considered the birthdays coming up - Jon's dad, Sarah, the girls. Or Christmas. Ack. Well, that'll be next then.

After that, I need to get rolling on the wedding present again. I restarted Sarah's shawl with smaller needles and I'm super-happy with the results so far, even if starting over did cost me a ton of lost work. The girls still need short sweaters to go over their dresses and I haven't really finalized the pattern for that yet. (I was hoping to replicate the Madeira lace pattern from the shawl in the body of some short cardigans for my ladies. We shall see ....)

Well, time to acknowledge the outside world and get on with things. Here's to hoping this is the start of me getting back on track and posting on a regular basis. (Once again, we shall see ...)

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