Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hey! I'm Ba-ack!

So, here we are again. I came back, just as I said. Now, on to the craftiness!

Update on the Big 3:
  1. Knit Dress - Finished it, now being washed. I know cotton doesn't felt but I'm kind of hoping this one shrinks up in the wash a bit. It was supposed to be a 2T size and came out more like 3 or 4T - it fits my son, who is on the small end of 4T. It seems to be unseasonably wide and if I try the pattern again, I plan to start with less stitches to make a narrower dress. My girls are tiny as it is and I'm afraid even next summer they'll be swimming in it. In the mean time, I have picked up a lacy crochet dress pattern (Crochet Today) and am trying it with a smaller than called for hook (H/8) and a thinner yarn in the largest size the pattern shows. If I get something reasonably nice, I'll redo in a nice cotton or light wool blend and line it.
  2. Ripple Afghan: It's coming along. I went through my stash again and the colors of Simply Sopft I have left are truly hideous, if a bit subdued. We shall see.
  3. The Great Owl: Started the body last night, this really is a fun pattern and I plan to make more - I may even buy the pattern she lists for the Log Carrying Case and make a set for the kids! I didn't realize the fun in making toys and I'd really like to try more after this - oh, crap, I like amigurumi now!

OK, I also realize that I have promised pictures about a hundred times now. I just figured out how to get pictures from my phone to my computer, plus I may have found a substitute USB cable for my regular camera, so I will try to work some time to add pictures either tonight or next week.

Until then, have fun! See you next Wednesday!

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